Lyth pressure gauges 701 datasheet

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Lyth pressure gauges 701 datasheet

The Ashcroft ® 2274 industrial digital gauges are 12- 36 Vdc powered multifunctional instruments providing exceptional features and performance. HOME PRODUCTS & SERVICES DATASHEETS MECHANICAL PRESSURE GAUGES WINTERS INSTRUMENTS PCC SERIES COLOR CODED GAUGE. Polysilicon thin film technology makes pressure measurement extremely reliable virtually unaffected by shock vibration. The phenolic case provides superior chemical and. Lyth pressure gauges 701 datasheet. FI- datasheet 11130 Riihimäki www. 701 06701- BAbar G1/ 4 Radial SS / gauges Brass.

home products lyth & services datasheets mechanical lyth pressure gauges winters instruments datasheet ppg series 3a pharmaceutical sanitary gauge lyth - - ppg25 Winters Instruments List your products or services on Engineering360. click on the " 701 View Entire pressure Datasheet" button. fi Finland, Europe]. With optional 4- 20mA analog output optional SPDT switch output . PRESSURE GAUGES HEAVY VERSION GLYSERINE FILLED Case: Glass:

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The Ashcroft A4A precision pressure gauge is available in a wide variety of standard pressure ranges from 15 through 100, 000 psi. A list of the standard ranges is provided in Appendix B. Most any non- standard pressure range between, 000 psi or metric equivalent can be provided on a custom basis. connected to pressure gauge S2H/ Cap. 00 / capillary lenght S1H/ Cap. 76/ capillary lenght JK Cooling element Body Diaphragm Wetted parts 000 AISI 316 AISI 316L AISIAISI 316 AISI 316L PTFE Options T O- ring PTFE AISI 316 AISI 316L + PTFE AISI 316 Filling fluids- look filling fluid datasheet LHX67 HT26 N9 JK 005 - -.

lyth pressure gauges 701 datasheet

All stainless steel pressure gauges according to EN 837- 1 Nominal sizes ND 100 / 160. data sheet DE 1227 exists in addition. Models: P1710, P1714.